Sinovac Experience Centre, Beijing 2022

An Injection of Hope

Join and experience a truly emotional journey about Sinovac Life Science and our future!


In the post-COVID era, the pandemic has become a collective memory of mankind.

This project aims to popularize scientific knowledge, to create a spirit for research and science and to form a corporate culture for the chinese biotech enterprise “Sinovac”, engaged in vaccine research and development.

However, the showroom is not only about a corporate narrative, but also about a relevant topic of our era, that is closely related to everyone’s life. Therefore, we dare to convey this unusual “times” into a truly emotional journey about our future.

Sinovac Experience Centre entrance

Overview plan for visitor guidance and the individual rooms.

1 The World of Lives
2 Together for a Healthier World
3 Anti COVID-19 Action
4 Insight into Vaccines
5 Vaccine Benefits the World
6 The Tunnel of Vaccine

Starting from the history of human civilization, traveling through various plagues, the visitors enter a multidimensional and interactive exhibition.


Faced with a very meaningful focus topic, we are giving a stage to those who have been affected by the pandemic in history, those who have experienced the pandemic together in society and those who have fought for our future: doctors, researchers, volunteers and everyone who helped to create a better “normal”.

The World of Lives – Using micro to leverage macro, linking from a micro virus up-and-down show to the long history of human pandemics. The history of human civilization has been traveling through plagues.

A “people-centered” narrative that is telling the stories of the times behind Sinovac and its vaccine products that people don´t know, but became a legend.

Curating “emotion” was condensed, and at the same time, it was extended as a trigger for subsequent thinking. Hence, the showroom is not only a social proposal that resonates with the era, but also a memory container that resonates with each individual.

Together for a Healthier World – The enterprise resonates with society, A road symbolizing the development of the company against the pandemic passes through the image of the historical message, and the double-line perspective allows the audience to walk through the three-dimensional time scenario.


We created a plot through experience in five scenarios, which motivate the audience’s emotions more intuitively and visually.

Tunnel of Vaccine – Use two simple and warm visions: Say goodbye to COVID-19/vaccine to build a protective barrier for people’s life, arouse the audience’s expectations for a better tomorrow.

Range from dark to bright atmosphere, we designed 5 scenarios, from 5 different perspectives: The World of Lives, Together for a Healthier World, Anti COVID-19 Action, Insight into Vaccines and Vaccine Benefits the World.

Anti COVID-19 Action – Return to “people” and form a communication field for dialogue between people. From “Voice of the Public Media” – “Voice of the Company” – “Voice of the Chairman”, let the audience have a dialogue with themselves in the COVID-19 situation and communicate with researchers who have also experienced the COVID-19 situation.

The five spaces are connected one after the other forming a narrative journey with “emotion” as the core, resonate with society, creating a dialogue between people and touching the temperature behind the pandemic.

Insight into Vaccines – Personify viruses and give them individuality. Use “The Journey of a Pathogen” to lead the audience into the microscopic scene, eliminate the fear of the virus, and learn more scientific knowledge.

Vaccine Benefits the World – Use two simple and warm visions: Say goodbye to COVID-19/vaccine to build a protective barrier for people’s life, arouse the audience’s expectations for a better tomorrow.


concept & design
VAVE Studio


Digital content production

Kangye Exhibition co., Ltd.

Saren Huang